Best of Bensham

Working together for Bensham

The Best of Bensham Collaborative is committed to improving life and challenging unfairness and inequity in Bensham.

The Best of Bensham Collaborative consists of 21 community-based organisations, who between them provide support for many of the needs and interests in the Bensham & Saltwell area. The Collaborative is stronger together and between the members we believe we can provide support to meet the needs and aspirations of people who live in Bensham. Central to this is the participation of local people

More information about the member organisations and what they do can be found here.

Our Mission – ‘To work to address inequalities in Bensham’.

The collaborative members have been developing a collaborative approach that helps us all to work together better with each other and with local people.

Previous Work

Our approach builds on prior work funded by Gateshead Council to map all of the neighbourhoods’ assets and ongoing work on connecting and mobilising these assets.

The collaborative approach is the way we will get from mapping and connecting the assets to jointly delivering the activities and outcomes that support what local people want.

Future plans

It is hard to predict what will be needed in the next stage of the collaborative’s work – especially in the current circumstances. The Best of Bensham Collaborative will continue to build relationships and connections across the community that bring benefits to local people.

We would love you to get involved and help to shape future work so please get in touch with us.

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